The UAE & Australia Trade


ð    UAE background.


v       The UAE on the map

v       The UAE economy is mainly dependent on oil and natural gas. Which accounts for around 36% of gross domestic product (GDP).

v       GDP?

v       Since the early 1980s, the two main economic aims of the UAE authorities have been to reduce the dependence on hydrocarbons and to boost private sector activity.

v       The GDP estimated at US$ 17650 per capital in the UAE which is one of the highest GDP in the world.


ð         UAE & Australia Trade facts.


v     The Relations between Australia and the UAE and genuine and based primarily on trade. UAE is regarded as the second largest trade partner for Australia in the Middle East, and the biggest market for Australian fruit and vegetables

v     The last five years have seen trade with Australia grow steadily and double to A $873 million in 1999-2000.

v     The merchandise mix has also expanded dramatically from commodities such as meat, livestock and grain to elaborately transformed manufactures such as automobiles, technology and services.


-      Major Australian exports into the UAE in 2000 were [passenger motor vehicles, non-monetary gold, live animals and fresh vegetables].

-      Major Australian imports from the UAE in 2000 were [crude and refined petroleum, liquefied propane and butane, structures of iron, steel and aluminum and chocolate].